Today it is still very difficult to find unique things to wear. Everyone looks the same more and more, and Yana Van Ginneken thinks that is a pity. Ever since she was a child, she opposed it, because she wanted to wear things differently from the rest and didn’t want to look the same.

Yana Van Ginneken, is a well-known in fashion world. As a young entrepreneur, she unleashes her creativity on average sneakers and turns them into a special piece. Who doesn’t want to be seen in one of her creations?

“It’s nice to have a blank canvas in front of you and see where it’s going by adding certain colors and ideas … That is the case with the shoes that are customize. They are ‘unique pieces’, no pair is the same and they are made with a lot of precision and love. The idea that someone is walking around with something that I have made and thereby makes their own unique memories, comes to different places and experiences of all kinds. I think that is a beautiful thought and I also manifest it. ”

Exclusive. Antwerp. Contact us and choose your favorite design.

  • Afmetingen Shoe size on request
  • Geschatte levertijd In consultation with the artist
Extra info
Shoe based on Nike Air Force 1 Mid-high model or Nike Air Jordans 1 Mid.
Colors and patterns are left for discussion with the artist.