The independent jewelery designer Sara Divita – born in Sicily and based in Ibiza – is inspired by art, the natural elements and the allure of creating unique treasures that make powerful statements.

Sara has a degree from the Marangoni Institute of Design in Milan and has traveled extensively around the world to renew the source of her creativity. Traveling is her way of finding inspiration and the precious materials – gemstones, stones, metals – for her collections. Working on the island of Bali in Indonesia, she has built a strong bond and developed beautiful friendships for years, with a few highly skilled artisans who work with her professionally. Sara chooses to follow her own personal evolution, beyond seasonal trends, as a way to rework and perfect her jewelry collections. Her style is delicate, feminine, playful and evokes geometric power in an edgy, rock, glamorous look. Each piece of jewelry is a message. Representing a creative code, symbols of joyful revolts and wonderful spells. Artistically interpreted by Sara Divita as a simple invitation to honor life as a wild, sublime gift. She is inspired by art and the beauty of the natural elements. She enjoys creating unique treasures that make powerful statements. Discover her designs through her jewelry collection in the wide range of rings, pendants and bracelets, all made by hand, with the best materials.

  • Afmetingen 90cm
  • Geschatte levertijd In consultation with the artist
Extra info
Material: Smoky quartz cone-shaped drop with a necklace of hematite beads