Few designers have such a recognizable style as Maarten Baas. Just by looking at it, you can guess that this slightly crooked pepper mill is his hand. Baas started from the archetypal pepper mill, which consists of a cylinder with a round head above it. Instead of streamlining the two parts into a unified whole, he chose to make the pepper mill resemble a sketchy drawing of a mill.

Baas designed a perfectly functional kitchen tool made of ABS resin that looks like it was put together by grandpa in his shed. This contrast, industrial versus handmade, is at the heart of Baas’s work.

If you look closely, you can see that this mill does not have any straight lines. Even the length of the cylinder bends a bit. This is a piece of meticulously designed imperfection.

  • Dimensions 28x10x10cm
  • Weight 400g
  • Delivery estimate 1w
Extra info
Comes in a beautiful box with a certificate from Maarten Baas