Round table S


“Two circles and a tube: that’s it ”. For the Round Table S, Muller Van Severen designed a sober and basic object that excels in details and finish. There are no visible traces of welding and the table top is made of all-aluminum, which gives this piece of furniture an expanse. In contrast to the minimalist shape, the table top is lacquered with a hammer-blow coating. “This is an old technique that is mainly used for industrial tools and machines,” explains Fien. ‘It covers the imperfections. We are actually quite old-fashioned. ”(Laughs)“ No really, we often try to implement old techniques in our new design ”. The hammered paint gives the table top a rusty texture. To further balance the aesthetics, Muller Van Severen decided to offer this table in only three versions; hand-cut aluminum protected with beeswax and two subdued colors, hammer paint blue and hammer paint green. All suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Too serious? Not at all. The liveliness and playfulness of the surrounding aluminum chairs evens out the whole.

Extra info
Material: Aluminum