Michiel Goethals and Mattias Van Mieghem, the designer duo behind GRINT, come up with unique pieces that radiate a certain youthful freshness and take any ambiance to a higher level. The innovative and playful hints, determine the atmosphere in a room, without taking over. This also applies to the original platters they design. These are the result of the eternal search for balance between graphics, materials and a passion for craftsmanship. Charles, the collection named after the famous French furniture maker André-Charles Boulle, the source of inspiration for the duo. Allows cold and warmth to merge, both in the use of colors and materials.

  • Afmetingen 44.5 × 24.5 × 2.5cm
  • Gewicht 2kg
  • Geschatte levertijd 1w
Extra info
Made from a fine metal frame, 2 brass handles and a wooden top with inlay.