Our apartments have the ideal location in the buzzing ‘Het Zuid’. As a neighbour of the famous KMKA and its historical garden, the area has endless possibilities and hotspots such as restaurants, bars, shops, butchers and bakeries, boutiques, galleries, … There is always something to discover.


Chocolate Nation

Chocolate Nation directly opposite Central Station is the largest Belgian chocolate museum in the world, entirely devoted to Belgian chocolate. By the way, did you know that Belgium’s very first chocolate factory opened in Antwerp in 1831? These days, there’s a chocolate shop on pretty much every street corner.


Over 500,000 objects in the MAS collection form a river of tales about art and cultural traditions from all over the world, about the history of the city and the port and about overseas shipping and trade. The MAS is more than just a museum. It is an impressive repository in the middle of the Eilandje, which is a thriving neighbourhood. Its boulevard, with glass panels that are 6 metres high, will take you 60 metres higher. On the rooftop terrace you’ll enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the city, the port and the river.

Red Starline Museum

Two million passengers boarded Red Star Line steamers and crossed the ocean from Antwerp to North America. The museum portrays their journey of being transported by the shipping company and leaving the city and harbour. The stories of the passengers are the main element of the exhibition. The museum also holds temporary exhibitions in ‘De Loods’, which is the name of the old baggage shed of the Red Star Line shipping company.


Hidden gems

Sint-Anna Tunnel

A quirky tunnel which passes under the river can be found in the form of St Anna’s Tunnel, a way for cyclists and pedestrians alike to traverse under the Scheldt. With wooden escalators going down, and a history dating back to the early 1930s, this 572-metre long tunnel is truly a piece of living history in the heart of the city.


With nearly all of the villas having been created between 1894 and 1908, the day’s most prestigious architects conjured up blasts from the past for their well-off clients. The Belle Epoque encouraged its elite to aim for eclectic splendor: Art Nouveau, Neo-Gothic, neoclassical and Tudor. Our own hotel would not look out of place.


Antiques and vintage are the Kloosterstraat’s forte. Visitors will find the oldest and oddest objects in the shops lining this street, from wooden rocking horses to winged designer lamps and seas of retro chairs.




The medieval building and 1622 courtyard garden alone would be worth a visit, but it’s the world’s oldest printing press, priceless manuscripts and original type sets that justify this museum’s Unesco World Heritage status. It’s been a museum since 1876 and its other great highlights include a 1640 library, a bookshop dating from 1700 and rooms lined with gilt leather.


The Fashion Museum of Antwerp. The museum houses the largest collection of Belgian contemporary fashion.


In a monumental neoclassical building topped with winged charioteer statues, KMSKA holds a world-class collection of artistic masterpieces. However, the gallery will be closed until at least end of 2021 while undergoing a total renovation.




Pure, tasty, delicious and refined food. Very nice designed restaurant and just a 1 min walk from our hotel. Definitely one of our ultimate favourites. Ask Aida to make a reservation.

Schildersstraat 25, 2000 Antwerpen

Dim Dining

DIM Dining is a modern and traditional, Asian and at the same time Western-inspired restaurant, awarded with one Michelin star.

Vrijdagmarkt 7, 2000 Antwerpen

Den Artist

Paris in Antwerp.If you are looking for classic Belgian cooking, then head straight for the lively atmosphere in the Brasserie den Artist. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, always tasty and well served.

Museumstraat 55, 2000 Antwerp