Our Story

Meet Aida

Owner Aida has always had a passion for people, She was able to use her creativity for years in the HR sector. Yet she longed to do something with art, design, and architecture as well. So she brought these loves together into a single story.

Lit d’Art Boutique Hotel

In 2019 Lit D’Art Boutique Hotel was opened, where she put her heart and soul into four unique suites with the focus on a personal service and experience. In this fast-paced industry and unsure times the team has constantly re-invented the business: private dinners, a webshop with rotating art and design items, Sunday Brunches, short term apartments,… Through each of these new challenge we have now found our way to a new path: short-term rental apartments with a bespoke interior and high level service, located in the lively Zuid district.

The apartments

To fully focus on this, the Boutique Hotel has closed and the Antwerp Apartments were born. As always, the love for art, design and comfort is the main key in this story. Welcome!

Personal service

Lit d’Art apartments offer you more than just a stay: you step into an experience. Personal service is key. Our Lit d’Art app gives you at a glance everything you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible: from hotspots and to do’s, reservation possibilities, our webshop, info about the facilities to even weather forecast and reviews. The first thing you have to do here? Feel welcome!

Art and Design

Aida composed the interiors with great care and attention to detail. She is a fervent lover of art and design. She regularly goes to prestigious interior design fairs in Milan, Paris, and elsewhere to buy exclusive pieces and works closely with some Belgian artists. She then exhibits their work and the selections of design items and sells them in the apartments. Are you interested in one of the works? Then please don’t hesitate to contact Aida.