World-class artists

Owner Aida is a great lover of art and design. She collaborates with Belgian artists for Lit d’Art.

Ulrike Bolenz

German-Belgian artist Ulrike Bolenz examines the symbiosis between man and machine in her work. She often misleads the viewer and, like a computer, creates the illusion of spaciousness.

Ulrike has a rich artistic record at home and abroad. She exhibited at the MMOMA in Moscow and at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, among others.

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Charlotte de Cock

In 2009, the young Charlotte De Cock surprised viewers and critics alike with her first exhibition: a series of atypical, humorous paintings of Marie Antoinette. Martin Schmidt of the Parisian art gallery Galerie Di Meo called her style ‘rock baroque’. Visits to London and Los Angeles followed. And in 2014, she made the series ‘The Thirteen Masters’, including portraits of Luc Tuymans and Jan Decleir.

Charlotte brought Lit d’Art’s patio to life with an impressive mural.

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Kathleen de Clercq

From an early age, Kathleen De Clercq was inspired by three elements: materials, music, and movement. She breathes life and rhythm into her bronze sculptures, striving for harmony, elegance, and balance.

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Dominique Gringoire

David is a Belgian-born fine art photographer best known for his cinematic photography with a touch of drama. When he is not behind the camera, David can often be found scouting and styling the perfect setting to capture the raw emotions of his subject.

His journey started at the age of 16, when his father gave him his first camera. After a few years of experimenting within photography, David discovered a strong passion for interior styling which led him to focus on interior photography. This path brought him to many authentic locations and sparked an interest in cinematic photography..

The hunt for that perfect location never stops and has recently resulted in many trips to Morocco. A country with a rich culture which has served as the inspiration for David’s most recent work.

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Sophie Dassel

Born 1960 – she is the founder of DG – Creative’s Box Experience. She defines herself as an atypical intuitive worker… After working as a creator of interiors, she now creates inner lives. Using diverse methods such as wordplay, images, colours and materials, she stimulates creativity and teaches narrative construction. Her research cultivates the relationship between words & language, and imagery & symbols. Each of her works invites the viewer to go on a journey and engage with images.

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