World-class artists

All Lit d’Art Appartementen are styled with works of several international artists. Feel free to ask Aida if a work of art has your interest.

Ulrike Bolenz

German-Belgian artist Ulrike Bolenz examines the symbiosis between man and machine in her work. She often misleads the viewer and, like a computer, creates the illusion of spaciousness. Ulrike has a rich artistic record at home and abroad. She exhibited at the MMOMA in Moscow and at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, among others.

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Dominique Gringoire

Born 1960 – she is the founder of DG – Creative’s Box Experience. She defines herself as an atypical intuitive worker… After working as a creator of interiors, she now creates inner lives. Using diverse methods such as wordplay, images, colours and materials, she stimulates creativity and teaches narrative construction. Her research cultivates the relationship between words & language, and imagery & symbols. Each of her works invites the viewer to go on a journey and engage with images.

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Sophie Dassel

Sophie Dassel (1962, Belgium), studied photography and art at ERG in Brussels and dance movement therapy in Roehampton, UK. Metamorphosis is the field that animates Sophie’s artistic research. The ground where she can explore her creativity using all kinds of mediums: metal, wood, plexiglass, canvas, … She likes to work on our perception of the material tangible world trying to take us to the other side of the mirror.

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Stéphanie Maillart

Stéphanie Maillart is an Antwerp-based freelance artist who paints (on) music. Her creative spirit is energized by the beauty of music. The vibes allow her to express her vision in absolute freedom. The acrylic paint dances on the canvas. She scratches the multiple layers of paint and collages to awaken hidden patterns. These provoke happy accidents that reveal the desirable textures. Her amazing adventure started at 17 after she won an Award in California for the best painted sets of multiple musicals, including West side story. This led her to finding her calling as an artist. Nowadays, her paintings are enjoyed by art collectors all over the world.

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Arnaud End

“In the early 1990’s I caught the Graffiti virus. This was long before advertising agencies and other investors appropriated it and affectionately renamed it “Street Art”.My creation is spontaneous and overflowing. It oozes from my pores. It is above all a search for contrast. The contrast between the colors. Sometimes psychedelic! The contrast between the supports and the materials. Often raw! The contrast between the matte, the satin, the gloss. Never smooth!”

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Merlin Lintz

Merlin Lentz is an artist whose practice seeks to explore ways in which new visual technologies reconstitute the human condition. Within this investigation, he primarily chooses the arcane medium of oil paint on canvas to reflect upon x-ray imagery, algorithmic renderings and photoshop filters alike. His particular aim here is to reintroduce manual touch in an age so vastly shaped by standardized structures. Merlin is currently pursuing his Masters in Painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, due to graduate this summer.

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